Storage in Your Home: Keep It Down Low

Anney-smallBy Anney Ardiel
Move Manager, Act Together Moving Services

Typical one or two bedroom suites in a retirement community (independent or assisted living) have minimal storage space, so using every possible space-saving technique is important in order to have your possessions safely accessible.

From big to smallI emphasize safely because it’s so important to avoid having to climb onto a step stool to grab a wine glass, book or blanket. However, many seniors’ apartments I have seen have a few high cupboards and shelves that the average person cannot reach without going on tiptoes or climbing onto a stool. Instead, use baskets and dividers to maximize your lower cupboard, shelf and drawer space. Three small baskets can triple the amount of items you can store on a shelf.

Stash away items that you don’t use very often (Christmas decorations, past years’ files etc) on those hazardous top shelves. When you need to access things you’ve stored up top, ask the maintenance guy, care aide, family member or friend to help you get them down.

Taking the time to reorganize your cupboards and closets will save room, and might even save you from a tumble. Totally worth it!