Donate Things That Take up Space

pat-smallBy Patrick Fagan

Move Manager, Act Together Moving Services 

Here’s a challenge for you: Fill 5 bags of clothing from the closets and drawers in your home and donate them to charity. This 5 bag challenge may not sound fun but I promise, if you take it on, you will reap the rewards of downsizing your wardrobe and you’ll feel great about doing it.  Continue reading


Get Ready to Move

By guest blogger Tony Joe, Realtor at RE/MAX Camosun Victoria
Selling the family home is a big decision and has the potential to be an overwhelming process.  A good place to start is preparing the house for sale.
Like any other product, a house needs to be in its best presentation condition in order to attract buyers and to guarantee maximum dollar value.  You will need to look at your home through the eyes of potential buyers, identifying troublesome areas before they can hinder a sale.
Here is a list of items that have helped Sellers achieve successful sales and top dollar, arranged from high priority to low.  Continue reading