Want More Space?

couple-smallWe have been moving seniors into smaller spaces for 5 years and almost all of our clients have a few extra boxes of items that they need to keep, but don’t need to have on hand (or underfoot) all the time.

Things like winter clothes, Christmas decorations and tax returns end up shoved high on a closet shelf, crammed on a closet floor or under the bed, either completely inaccessible or taking up valuable space.

To solve this problem we launching our new door-to-door, by-the-box storage. We pick up items our clients want to store, keep them in a secure, climate-controlled storage facility, and return them when you need them back.

What Does It Cost?

Act Together Storage is inexpensive, starting at $6.99 per month per box, compared to the minimum $70 per month you’d pay to get a storage locker. Plus we offer the convenience of on-demand pick-up and delivery.

How Does it Work?

  1. Prepare your items (or we can help you with packing). 2014-11-07 15.57.20
  2. Give us a call to schedule a pickup.
  3. We transport your boxes/suitcases to our secure facility and catalog them for easy retrieval.
  4. When you need your items back, you call to schedule a delivery and we return them.

It’s that easy!


Your items are safe in a locked, alarmed and monitored storage facility with fire detection and suppression systems. Access to the storage is restricted to bonded/background checked Act Together staff.

Also, your items are fully insured, including earthquake damage coverage.

Call to schedule your pickup today!


Linen Closets: An Endangered Species

2014-11-07 15.39.42One of the strangest things about retirement residences is that they don’t all have linen closets in their suites. At first glance it makes sense that they are left out, after all, a person living in a place with weekly linen service would only need two, maybe three sets of sheets and a few towels, so why would you need a linen closet right? Think again!

Not only are linen closets a classic hiding place for extra toilet paper, household supplies and knick-nacks, they are also a tradition. A household fixture. Although linen closets are typically cluttered and disorganized, most of the elderly clients we move expect they will have one in their new place. Sadly, at least 75% of the suites we move clients into do not.

With that in mind, we have developed 5 tips to keep linens in their proper place.

  1. It’s time to pare down: Choose two or three sets of your most comfortable, nicest sheets and towels, and donate or dispose of the rest. If sheets are not torn or stained, most charity shops will be glad to receive them. In Victoria, Anney’s Closet is always in need of twin, double or queen sized sets in good shape.
  2. Evaluate your table cloths: Will you still use them? Do you find it difficult to wash, fold and iron them? Now might be the time to gift them, sell them or donate them.
  3. Pillow talk: extra pillows take up valuable space in small spaces. Perhaps you can pick out two of the very nicest, most comfortable pillows you have and re-purpose the rest. Good Housekeeping Magazine says if you can fold your pillow in half, it’s time for a new pillow! Read more about how to know when it’s time for a new pillow here.
  4. Knick-nacks need a home: You’ll need a place for all those loose odds and ends, such as light bulbs (keep one or two for emergencies), air fresheners, dust cloths, spare picture hooks, tape, etc. A few small but sturdy baskets from the Dollar Store will keep those small items tidy on a shelf in your clothes closet or under the sink.
  5. Don’t keep it together: It might be time for a new approach to storing linens. Consider keeping your towels in the bathroom cupboard or shelf and your linens in your bedroom closet. You might find it strange to split everything up at first, but having a fresh towel at your fingertips in the bathroom can really come in handy. This way you can utilize your storage spaces more efficiently and streamline your life at the same time.

Moving Mom and Dad Workshop

We’re giving a workshop on Saturday, February 15 at The Wellesley in Victoria. It’s purpose: to help people with elderly parents to prepare for their future move. Patrick and I are looking forward to delivering a fun and helpful workshop, class size will be kept quite small so we can be hands-on with individual situations going on with people in the workshop.bld4

It’s Time to Say Goodbye…To Clutter

pat-smallBy Patrick Fagan

Move Manager, Act Together Moving Services 

We all accumulate extra stuff over the years but moving isn’t the only opportunity to pare down the clutter. An end of year review of 5 areas can serve as an excellent farewell for the non-sacred things we just don’t use or need any longer.  Continue reading

Home Adaptation Tips for Seniors

pat-smallBy Patrick Fagan

Move Manager, Act Together Moving Services 

Whether you want to live independently in your existing home (with or without robots) or are shopping for the perfect retirement residence, you can maximize your safety and comfort by being aware of common hazards, pitfalls and impractical design features that can create problems for seniors.This month I’ve collected 5 home adaptation tips which can help you evaluate the safety of a new home or your existing one.  Continue reading

Declutter Tips

Anney-smallBy Anney Ardiel
Move Manager, Act Together Moving Services

Organizing a drawer or cupboard can be hard work, but these common sense tricks of the trade will make your job way easier. Your reward is neat, uncluttered space with everything in its place!

Trick #1: Make a Plan

Decide how much time you have for the project so you don’t get caught having to abandon it halfway. Think about what supplies you’ll need and what space you’ll work in.

Trick #2: Assemble Before Beginning

Depending on your project, you might need garbage bags and recycling blue bins, cardboard boxes, zip lock bags, a marking pen, drawer dividers, a few small containers, cleaning supplies, broom or a vacuum. Gather what you’ll need before you begin. Continue reading

Clean Up the Clutter Zone

Anney-smallBy Anney Ardiel
Move Manager, Act Together Moving Services
I don’t think it’s common for people to wake up in the morning and bounce out of bed full of excitement at the prospect of cleaning out their garage. In fact, most people dread the idea of tackling the last bastion of storage (or sometimes the dumping ground) in their home. However, if you predict that you will be moving in the next year or two, it’s a good idea to begin to clean out your garage so that by the time your move rolls around your garage… Continue reading