Senior Fraud: “Incorrigible Leech” Almost Struck Again in Victoria


aroundtown-pro-am-jpgI just discovered that this man has been preying on new clients of Act Together Moving Services. He developed a “friendship” and gained their trust by helping them with odd jobs and hauling. Luckily his history of defrauding seniors was discovered

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Moving With Dementia

Ting and I attended a very informative training this week put on by the Alzheimer Society. dementia_friendsWe found out the number of people who live with dementia in BC is over 70,000 and the risk for dementia doubles every five years after age 65.

Since our clientele is generally 75-105 years old, we need to recognize the signs of dementia and incorporate special techniques into our moving services to maximize the health and safety of our clients. We also need to use our experience and training to help family members avoid common pitfalls during the move Continue reading

Moving Someone Who is Sick

Anney-smallBy Anney Ardiel
Move Manager, Act Together Moving Services
Can you imagine if you found yourself in hospital right before moving day? With elderly people, it happens more than you’d think. In fact we have two clients who are in that incredibly difficult position this week. Continue reading

Moving and Memory Issues

pat-smallBy Patrick Fagan

Move Manager, Act Together Moving Services 

Most elderly people could use some degree of assistance to keep track of things during transition. If you’re helping someone with memory issues to move, use these tips to maximize your ability to help while at the same time preserve everyone’s dignity.

Tip #1 Keep track

  • Create an inventory of the furniture room by room, and label all the packed boxes.
  • Have a collapsible file folder on hand to hold move-related documents, contracts, and phone numbers. Continue reading

Good Grief

Anney-smallBy Anney Ardiel
Move Manager, Act Together Moving Services

I observe grief in many of my clients and their families. Grief over the loss of a parent or spouse, grief caused by illness, loss of “home”, independence, giving up personal belongings, or other loss that can come up at a time of transition.
There are good ways to support someone in grief, and there are not-so-good ways. Have you ever had someone tell you “I know how you feel”, in an attempt to comfort you, but instead it made you want to say “How do you have any idea how I feel?” Not so good! Continue reading

Caregivers Rock

Anney-smallBy Anney Ardiel
Move Manager, Act Together Moving Services
I helped a family move their elderly aunt within the Wellesley (from Independent Living to Assisted Living) last week and I got up close and personal with family caregiving. I have to say it was a very powerful experience to see how much help and support these ladies provide to their aunt, while at the same time running their own busy lives. Continue reading

Robots Taking Care of Our Elderly?

Anney-smallBy Anney Ardiel
Move Manager, Act Together Moving Services
Can robots take care of our seniors? My first reaction to this idea was amusement, but the more I read about robotics in elder care in Japan, the more likely it seems that one day here in Canada we will increasingly use artificial intelligence for elder care too.  Japan is already utilizing robots such as Panasonic’s Hair-Washing Robot, “Which can complete the entire procedure of wetting the hair, shampooing, rinsing, conditioning and drying, with 16 fingers able to shampoo and rinse away the bubbles with the same dexterity as those of a human”, the company said. (Click here to read more.)  Continue reading