Want More Space?

couple-smallWe have been moving seniors into smaller spaces for 5 years and almost all of our clients have a few extra boxes of items that they need to keep, but don’t need to have on hand (or underfoot) all the time.

Things like winter clothes, Christmas decorations and tax returns end up shoved high on a closet shelf, crammed on a closet floor or under the bed, either completely inaccessible or taking up valuable space.

To solve this problem we launching our new door-to-door, by-the-box storage. We pick up items our clients want to store, keep them in a secure, climate-controlled storage facility, and return them when you need them back.

What Does It Cost?

Act Together Storage is inexpensive, starting at $6.99 per month per box, compared to the minimum $70 per month you’d pay to get a storage locker. Plus we offer the convenience of on-demand pick-up and delivery.

How Does it Work?

  1. Prepare your items (or we can help you with packing). 2014-11-07 15.57.20
  2. Give us a call to schedule a pickup.
  3. We transport your boxes/suitcases to our secure facility and catalog them for easy retrieval.
  4. When you need your items back, you call to schedule a delivery and we return them.

It’s that easy!


Your items are safe in a locked, alarmed and monitored storage facility with fire detection and suppression systems. Access to the storage is restricted to bonded/background checked Act Together staff.

Also, your items are fully insured, including earthquake damage coverage.

Call to schedule your pickup today!


Moving Mom and Dad Workshop

We’re giving a workshop on Saturday, February 15 at The Wellesley in Victoria. It’s purpose: to help people with elderly parents to prepare for their future move. Patrick and I are looking forward to delivering a fun and helpful workshop, class size will be kept quite small so we can be hands-on with individual situations going on with people in the workshop.bld4

To Store or Not to Store

pat-smallBy Patrick Fagan

Move Manager, Act Together Moving Services 

Lockers can serve us quite well in mitigating the regret of having to make rushed decisions but we usually encourage our clients to view storage lockers as part of the transition process, not as a long-term solution.

The cost for storage can depend on many factors, including:

  • Facility location: how far a drive, and how safe is the neighbourhood?
  • Ease of access: open daily 8am-8pm OR do you need to make an appointment to see your things? Can you drive right up OR have to cart your things in from theU-Lock parking lot? Continue reading

Storage in Your Home: Keep It Down Low

Anney-smallBy Anney Ardiel
Move Manager, Act Together Moving Services

Typical one or two bedroom suites in a retirement community (independent or assisted living) have minimal storage space, so using every possible space-saving technique is important in order to have your possessions safely accessible.

From big to smallI emphasize safely because it’s so important to avoid having to climb onto a step stool to grab a wine glass, book or blanket. However, many seniors’ apartments I have seen have a few high cupboards and shelves that the average person cannot reach without going on tiptoes or climbing onto a stool. Instead, use baskets and dividers to maximize your lower cupboard, shelf and drawer space. Three small baskets can triple the amount of items you can store on a shelf.

Stash away items that you don’t use very often (Christmas decorations, past years’ files etc) on those hazardous top shelves. When you need to access things you’ve stored up top, ask the maintenance guy, care aide, family member or friend to help you get them down.

Taking the time to reorganize your cupboards and closets will save room, and might even save you from a tumble. Totally worth it!