Senior Fraud: “Incorrigible Leech” Almost Struck Again in Victoria

I just discovered that this man has been preying on new clients of Act Together Moving Services. He developed a “friendship” and gained their trust by helping them with odd jobs and hauling. Luckily his history of defrauding seniors was discovered and contact has been cut off before he was able to do them too much harm.

This man is still living and possibly defrauding other seniors in Victoria. Please read this Times Colonist article so you recognize him when you see him! And please share with any seniors you know.

aroundtown-pro-am-jpgA B.C. Supreme Court justice called a Victoria man “an incorrigible leech” and ordered him to vacate a wealthy elderly widow’s property this week and repay her $140,000 for lost investments, unpaid rent, personal loans and a car.


Address Change Checklist

Even in this virtual world, we still have to update our address when we move. This printable list of possible address changes will keep you organized as you complete your move preparation.

Step 1: Buy Mail Forwarding by Canada Post product_mail_forwarding_img_lg

Purchase Mail Forwarding at least a month before moving. You can buy  4 months of forwarding for $67.55. Mail Forwarding ensures tax receipts, government forms, bank statements and bills don’t go astray right after you move.
You can even buy it for another person (including a deceased person)
. You can buy it in a post office or online. Find out more on Canada Post website.

Step 2: Use a Checklist

Keep track of the businesses and people you need to contact to update your address.

Open the Printable Address Change Checklist

Address Change Checklist

  • Family members
  • Bank(s) and other financial institutions
  • Credit card companies
  • CRA
  • Driver’s license/Health Services card
  • Pension providers: Government, military, private
  • Friends
  • Doctor(s)
  • Dentist(s)
  • Pharmacy and pharmacist
  • Optometrist
  • Lawyer(s)
  • Hospital
  • Alarm system company
  • Computer service
  • Magazines/newspapers (by mail)
  • Charities (because of tax receipts)
  • Funeral home (if pre-planned)
  • BCAA
  • Clubs/organizations
  • Timeshare company(ies)
  • Trustees
  • Power of attorney
  • Whoever holds your Will
  • Veterans Affairs
  • ICBC and private car insurance
  • House insurance
  • Telus, Shaw, BC Hydro, Oil, Gas
  • Volunteer groups
  • Health care plan(s) – i.e. Blue Cross
  • Health research program

Home Delivery:

  • Prescriptions
  • Newspaper
  • Meals
  • Groceries

Open the Printable Address Change Checklist

Moving Mom and Dad Workshop

We’re giving a workshop on Saturday, February 15 at The Wellesley in Victoria. It’s purpose: to help people with elderly parents to prepare for their future move. Patrick and I are looking forward to delivering a fun and helpful workshop, class size will be kept quite small so we can be hands-on with individual situations going on with people in the workshop.bld4

Avoid Theft and Fraud

pat-smallBy Patrick Fagan

Move Manager, Act Together Moving Services 

During the moving process there are many details to keep up with. Often the phone is ringing more than usual and strangers are coming into the home. Follow these useful tips to protect you from individuals who do not have your best interests in mind:

1. Stay Alert