Senior Fraud: “Incorrigible Leech” Almost Struck Again in Victoria


aroundtown-pro-am-jpgI just discovered that this man has been preying on new clients of Act Together Moving Services. He developed a “friendship” and gained their trust by helping them with odd jobs and hauling. Luckily his history of defrauding seniors was discovered

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Moving With Dementia

Ting and I attended a very informative training this week put on by the Alzheimer Society. dementia_friendsWe found out the number of people who live with dementia in BC is over 70,000 and the risk for dementia doubles every five years after age 65.

Since our clientele is generally 75-105 years old, we need to recognize the signs of dementia and incorporate special techniques into our moving services to maximize the health and safety of our clients. We also need to use our experience and training to help family members avoid common pitfalls during the move Continue reading

Avoid Theft and Fraud

pat-smallBy Patrick Fagan

Move Manager, Act Together Moving Services 

During the moving process there are many details to keep up with. Often the phone is ringing more than usual and strangers are coming into the home. Follow these useful tips to protect you from individuals who do not have your best interests in mind:

1. Stay Alert

Moving and Memory Issues

pat-smallBy Patrick Fagan

Move Manager, Act Together Moving Services 

Most elderly people could use some degree of assistance to keep track of things during transition. If you’re helping someone with memory issues to move, use these tips to maximize your ability to help while at the same time preserve everyone’s dignity.

Tip #1 Keep track

  • Create an inventory of the furniture room by room, and label all the packed boxes.
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Recycling the Hazards in Your Home

pat-smallBy Patrick Fagan

Move Manager, Act Together Moving Services 

One of the least-loved part of a move is saying goodbye to expired paint, tomato fertilizer and various cleaning sprays that will need safe disposal before moving day. Products like these that collect over the years are likely categorized as hazardous household waste (HHW) and will require some special attention when it comes time for disposal. Continue reading