Address Change Checklist

Even in this virtual world, we still have to update our address when we move. This printable list of possible address changes will keep you organized as you complete your move preparation.

Step 1: Buy Mail Forwarding by Canada Post product_mail_forwarding_img_lg

Purchase Mail Forwarding at least a month before moving. You can buy  4 months of forwarding for $67.55. Mail Forwarding ensures tax receipts, government forms, bank statements and bills don’t go astray right after you move.
You can even buy it for another person (including a deceased person)
. You can Continue reading


Visualize Your Way to a Successful Move Day

By Anney Ardiel, Certified Professional Consultant on Aging and owner of Act Together Moving Services

If you are struggling to face a coming move and dreading the future in your new home, visualization exercises can help you stop imagining the worst and start focusing on the outcome you desire: a smooth, stress-free Continue reading

Declutter Tips

Anney-smallBy Anney Ardiel
Move Manager, Act Together Moving Services

Organizing a drawer or cupboard can be hard work, but these common sense tricks of the trade will make your job way easier. Your reward is neat, uncluttered space with everything in its place!

Trick #1: Make a Plan

Decide how much time you have for the project so you don’t get caught having to abandon it halfway. Think about what supplies you’ll need and what space you’ll work in.

Trick #2: Assemble Before Beginning

Depending on your project, you might need garbage bags and recycling blue bins, cardboard boxes, zip lock bags, a marking pen, drawer dividers, a few small containers, cleaning supplies, broom or a vacuum. Gather what you’ll need before you begin. Continue reading